A Tradition of Quality. An Ongoing Commitment to Client Service.

The Beginning of Our Vision

When Nelson-Dye Construction was launched in Orange County in 1956, we were a general contractor for traditional commercial and residential projects. As the company grew, founding partner Rodney Dye saw how homeowners were unappreciated and underserved for home remodeling by the construction industry. He saw the need in the market as both a business owner and a family man.

Specializing in Designer Kitchens

As he began to shift the focus of the company, more and more families recognized his expertise in whole home remodeling and especially kitchens. Soon, Nelson-Dye became a specialty firm working exclusively on home remodeling projects with an emphasis on designer kitchens.

Launch of the Fresno Office

In 1972 the company opened a division office in Fresno and built a local reputation for innovative design and quality craftsmanship. Like its Orange County parent company, the Fresno division grew and prospered by specializing in home remodeling.

With our growing success in Fresno and the Central Valley, the company eventually moved the Orange County office to Fresno so that today, Nelson-Dye Remodeling Specialists operates exclusively in Central California.

Founder of Nelson-Dye Remodeling - Rodney Dye.
Founder of Nelson-Dye Remodeling - Gary Schwandt
Nelson-Dye Remodeling Owner - Kathie Schwandt
Ken Dye - Owner of Nelson-Dye Remodeling

Family-Owned & Operated

The company grew and prospered. Rodney and Gary Schwandt (husband to Rodney’s daughter Kathie) opened the Fresno location. Rodney’s son Ken and daughter Laurie also joined the Fresno location, which eventually split off from the original Orange County office. Ken Dye became President & CEO on Rodney’s passing and is now co-owner with his sister Kathie. Gary and Kathie’s sons, Jason Schwandt (along with his wife Erika Schwandt) and Michael Schwandt, became the third generation of Dyes  – along with their cousin Allison, Ken’s daughter – running and working in the business.

Entering Our Next Phase

The company continues to lead the way with cutting edge interior design, exceptional craftsmanship and responsible business practices. While trends in bathroom and kitchen designs change over the years, there is always a market for innovative design and quality craftsmanship.  As we enter our next 50 years in business, we do it ready to take on the challenges of the ever-changing remodeling industry. With state-of-the-art design concepts, a service-based company policy, and a staff of highly skilled and talented employees, Nelson-Dye is well equipped to meet those challenges.

How Can We Help With Your Vision?

How can we help you fill your vision of a new bathroom, a beautiful modern kitchen, or a fully renovated kitchen? Call us at (559) 292-5785.

Three Generations: Family-Owned and Operated

Nelson-Dye Remodeling Team Member - Jason Schwandt

Jason Schwandt

General Manager (3rd generation)

As the General Manager of Nelson-Dye, Jason is responsible for leading his family and the business into the future. Jason helps manage the overall production process, oversees the marketing efforts, and is responsible for sales. As General Manager, Jason is carrying on the tradition of commitment to quality established by his grandfather, Rodney Dye, and continued by his uncle, Ken Dye.

Nelson-Dye Remodeling Team Member - Michael Schwandt

Michael Schwandt

Interior Designer (3rd Generation)

Michael is our Interior Designer. He will show you how to select the colors, tile, cabinets and other design details that will make your custom remodeling project match your vision. He’ll work with you throughout your project to coordinate and manage the finish details in your home.

Nelson-Dye Remodeling Team Member - Erika Schwandt

Erika Schwandt

Marketing Manager (3RD GENERATION)

Erika works with our marketing partners and helps keep overall operations running smoothly. You’ll hear from her when your project is completed, to make sure everything is done to your satisfaction and to learn about your complete experience with the rest of the team.

Nelson-Dye Remodeling Team Member - Allison Dye

Allison Dye

Draftsperson (3rd generation)

After contract approval, Allison begins putting your dreams on paper. She draws your complete set of working plans and takes care of the sometimes tedious process of getting all the necessary building permits. She’ll order your kitchen and bathroom cabinets and works closely with our cabinet manufacturer to insure everything is right. She is also part of the office management staff and can help you with any questions you may have.

Nelson-Dye Remodeling Team Member - Jesse Bautista

Jesse Bautista

Production Manager & Scheduler

As Production Manager and Scheduler, Jesse will handle the daily coordination, scheduling, and supervising of our teams who work on your remodeling project.  He’ll make sure that your project stays on course and is completed on time and to your complete satisfaction.

Nelson-Dye Remodeling team member Antonio Sorondo

Antonio Sorondo (AJ)

Lead Demolition

Once the design is complete and the work is ready to begin, Lead Demolition man AJ will be the first team-member on site. He’ll demolition anything that’s being replaced and will prep the job site. He’ll deliver the new materials and will haul away the job debris. If there’s concrete needed, he’ll pour and finish it. AJ will also be the last person you see, when he finalizes and approves the job-site clean up.

Nelson-Dye Remodeling team member Justin Ware

Justin Ware

Lead Rough Carpenter

Justin handles all the framing for elements such as walls and also helps pour and finish concrete as our Lead Rough Carpenter. He is also our Sola-tube installer. He’ll help AJ with demolition, and as will all of our team members, takes responsibility for a clean job site.

Nelson-Dye Remodeling team member Sam Sanchez

Sam Sanchez

Lead Finish Carpenter

As the Lead Finish Carpenter, Sam will finish any rough carpentry and install your cabinets. He’ll also install any finishing hardware and get your appliances in and running. He’ll work on job-site cleanup, as does the entire team.

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