Nelson-Dye Construction, remodeling specialists since 1956, has been a Solatube installer since 2006. We’ve always loved the way that Solatube brings natural daylight into spaces in your home that don’t have windows or that were left just a little bit in the dark.

Now, we’re more excited than ever about the new products available from Solatube along with an unprecedented 30% tax credit on the product and the installation.

“I am above and beyond excited about the new, innovative products from Solatube,” says Erika Schwandt, Marketing Manager and Certified Installation Specialist for Solatube. Erika recently attended a special invitation-only three-day tour and training at the Solatube headquarters in Southern California.

“I had the opportunity to see their manufacturing and design process first-hand, as well as participate in an actual installation,” says Erika, “What I appreciated most is what a great company they are. You can tell that they really take care of their employees and their distributors. Plus, the technology is cutting-edge and addresses what home owners really want when remodeling a room or for a whole-home renovation.”

Solatube Square Fixtures

Solatubes are a natural daylighting solution that’s a great alternative to skylights. It’s 100% leak-proof, the light doesn’t cause fabrics or carpets to fade, and it doesn’t transmit heat (important for remodeling California homes). Plus, there’s a dimmer option for the daytime.

Their newest innovation is a square fixture. The original Solatube has a dome in the roof, with an extension tube that runs through the attic space. The fixture that extends into the ceiling of your home to transmit the light has always been round.

“Now you can get a square fixture. It comes in 10” and 14” versions,” says Erika, “Although it doesn’t provide quite as much light, it’s very modern and contemporary and has a great look for a renovated, fresh look for your home.”

Bringing Daylighting to Nighttime

What if you could bring beautiful lighting through your Solatube into your home after the sun went down? The new Solatube Nightlighting system uses an integrated solar panel to collect sunlight to charge NightLight batteries. When the sun goes down, an embedded sensor automatically turns on the two long-lasting LED’s for soft illumination.

“This is perfect for a hallway or small bathroom where you want to bring natural daylight and have a soft, nightlight affect,” says Erika, “It’s perfect for families with young children or anyone who gets up during the night.”

Nelson-Dye is a Solatube Authorized Dealer

If you’re looking to add natural light to your home, now is the perfect time. In an unusual move, there is now a 30% tax credit available for the product and installation. To find out how we can make your home lighter and brighter, and save you money, call Erika Schwandt, our Solatube Certified Installation Specialist at (559) 292-5785 or fill in the form at the bottom of the page (mention Solatube in the comments) for your free quote.