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Four Things Our Interior Designer Will Tell You That Others Won’t

Michael Schwandt, our Interior Designer, is the grandson of founder of Rodney Dye and represents the  third generation of Nelson-Dye’s tradition of honesty and expertise in home remodeling and designer bath and kitchen renovations. Here’s what he wants you to know about interior design that other designers might not want to share with you. Interior Design is not Interior Decorating An interior designer could also decorate your space if they wanted to, but interior design is a specialized skill and includes training that applies design to the function and structure of a space. Their knowledge not only includes design aesthetics,
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Three Kitchen Renovation Trends That Never Go Out of Style

Our kitchen renovation and interior design team can often tell you the decade a house was built in … just by looking in the kitchen. Avocado-green stove? That was the 1960’s. Laminated cabinets and Formica countertops? 1970’s. Stark black and white tiles? 1980’s The new millennium has brought with it plenty of its own identifiable trends: stainless steel appliances and tall or flexible faucets are standard in new houses. But even though some kitchen design trends come and go, there are some renovation standards that will be with us for a very long time in any modern, renovated kitchen. Open-Concept
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